Menachem Begin Heritage Foundation

Immediately following the passing of Menachem Begin, a group of his admirers and former associates, from among those who shared his path in Betar, the Irgun, in the Herut Movement and under his premiership, convened and decided to establish the Menachem Begin Heritage Foundation whose purpose would be to commemorating of the accomplishments and legacy of Menachem Begin for the future generations.

The President and Founder of the Foundation was Harry (Tzvi) Hurwitz who died in 2008. 

In 1993, the Foundation was registered as a Non-Profit Association in Israel, No. 580230001.  Its goals, as fixed by the board members and directors, are: to initiate, establish and perpetuate activities to commemorate Menachem Begin’s heritage and to build a Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem (see below for Principles of Incorporation).

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center was built and is maintained to perpetuate the ideals, principles and legacy of Menachem Begin in the style of an American Presidential Library by providing a framework for students, soldiers, citizens of Israel and tourists to learn about and experience the life of Menachem Begin, identify his place in history and examine his life's work.  The Begin Center uses the museum, archives, library and research center as well as our programs to achieve its goal of passing on to future generations Begin's belief in democracy and parliamentarianism, his vision of peace for a secure Israel, social justice and the return of Jews to Israel.

Following the achievement of building the permanent site for the Begin Heritage Center, the Foundation continues to seek contributions and funds to assure the Center’s existence and development.  The Foundation supports educational and commemoration enterprises for youth, members of the security services, universities and Jewish youth from abroad.

It engages in fundraising activities in a variety of ways.  The Foundation’s head offices are in Jerusalem with branches in the United States, Canada and the UK.

We wish to invite you to become a partner in this important endeavor and will gladly appreciate all contributions.

Funding Opportunities:

1. Become a Begin Center Fellow with a US$20,000 gift in perpetuity.

2. A donation to be used for any purpose to be decided by the Begin Center where it will be most helpful

3. A donation for development of the museum, archives, library, research Center or any other department of the Center

4. A donation for programs, generally

5. A donation or endowment to a specific program such as:

The Junior Knesset
Endowed by 
The Asper Family Foundation 
Jane and Larry Sherman

To help expand the he Junior Knesset program which teaches the basics of parliamentary democracy and related civic education topics to 14-15 year old students.  The project emphasizes the theme of parliamentary democracy in Israel and proper public discourse and shows Menachem Begin’s role as parliamentarian and orator, and develops listening and debating skills, as an essential element of respect.

The Rohr Family Parashat HaShavua – 

To match a grant given by the Rohr family to sponsor the hugely popular Torah portion of the week study lecture on Thursday evenings that features dynamic, knowledgeable lecturers and attracts people of all ages and all religious backgrounds.  One of the few in Israel that attracts such a diverse crowd.

Values-driven leadership workshops for the army – 

To expose army officers and personnel to topics such as Menachem Begin as a leader, Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, synergy in teams, dilemmas of military leadership and the importance of public service.

Museum/Exhibitions – 

To improve museum facilities, to create rotating temporary exhibitions, expand museum hours.

Hineni – 

To help to finance a leadership program for Ethiopian youth.

Government Fellows Program – 

To help finance international young people who have finished their bachelor's degree to come to Israel to participate in internships in Israel's government.

Library – To expand the budget to build an excellent research library.

Research Center – To fund a research project.

Printing – To fund a publication.

Archives – To ensure accessibility and preservation of original historical documents and materials.

Academic Conference – To fund a conference on a particular topic.


Foundation Contact details:


President: Joshua Matza

6. S.A. Nahon Street

Jerusalem, 94110

Tel: +972 2 565 2008


(Amuta # 580230001)

United States:

President: Hart Hasten

US Friends of the Menachem Begin 

Heritage Foundation

4525 Saguaro Trail, 

Indianapolis, IN 46268


(Tax exemption # 35-1895773)


President: Shoel Silver

Canadian Friends of the Menachem Begin Heritage Foundation

Suite 601, One Yorkdale Road

North York, ON, M6A 3A1


(Tax exemption # 1007004-21)

United Kingdom:

c/o Eric Graus

139a Bond Street

London, WIS 2TN


(Charity # 1049229)



1. The Name of the Society shall be: The Menachem Begin Heritage Foundation

2. The Aims of the Society are: To initiate, to establish and to maintain various projects to perpetuate the memory, legacy and activity of Menachem Begin throughout his various positions as one of the heads of the Jabotinsky Movement and Betar abroad, as the Commander of the Irgun Zvai Leumi, as the leader of the armed revolt against the foreign occupier in Israel, as Head of the Opposition in Israel and as the fortifier of Israel’s democratic system, as the Sixth Prime Minister of the State of Israel and as the Peacemaker with Egypt, as the enlarger of the settlement movement throughout Western Eretz-Yisrael and as one of the greatest Jewish leader in his generation.

3. Towards the fulfillment of the above aims, the Society shall be authorized to do: 
a. to establish centers, museums, research, educational and informational institutions and/or to become integrated with the Jabotinsky Institute and the museums of the Irgun already existing in Israel in order to set up a special unit to the memorializing of him and his heritage.
b. To support university cathedras as well in other educational bodies to be dedicated to Menachem Begin.
c. To do any other activities and to further any other project that is seen to aid and further the aims of the Society.
d. to run financial-raising operations and to seek contributions as well as other fundraising actions to obtain the necessary monies and funds for the support of the above aims of the Society.
e. the Society is established solely for the realization of the above aims and all possessions and all fiduciary income shall serve only the above aims and distribution of profits or benefits in any fashion amongst its members is prohibited.

4.  In addition to all the above and in accordance with it, the instructions of the Standard Bylaws as appended to the Law for Societies 1980 shall apply to this Society with the following changes:

I.  At the end of Paragraph 1, Sub-paragraph 1, a new sub-clause shall be added thus:
 “the Executive Board shall be permitted solely within its own consideration to accept members to the Society as Honorary Members.  The Board is permitted to grant this title also to regular members registered in the Society.  A non-member being accepted as an Honorary Member or a regular member being so accepted will be free from the regulations as set forth in Paragraph 2.”

II. Paragraph 21 is hereby nullified.  In its place shall come the following:
 “the Society, having been liquidated, and after all its debts have been settled in total, if any possessions shall remain, these shall be transferred to another public institution as defined in Paragraph 9(2) in the Law of Income Tax and shall not be distributed amongst its members.”

5. We, the undersigned, wish to come together to form this Society and to be its Founders.

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