Embracing residents of the south

Embracing the residents of the South

Our thoughts and prayers are with the residents of southern Israel and with our IDF soldiers who are defending all of us and espcially those in the south.  Three members (so far) of the Begin Center's staff have gone to reserve duty to assist the army in these difficult days.  We wish strength and safety to all the residents of the south, to our IDF soldiers and reservists, and to our staff members.

In light of this situation in the south, the Menachem Begin Heritage Center is offering entrance to the museum and entrance to events for free to residents of the south* to allow them a few hours respite from the constant stress of rockets and the weariness of long days and nights in bomb shelters.

  • The Begin Museum: The audio-visual journey through the life of Menachem Begin.
  • TONIGHT! An Evening of Hebrew Song:  Tzlil Biran sings songs by the numbers (one G-d, two friends, all three of us together, etc.) 8PM at the Begin Center
  • Parashat HaShavua: On Thursday at 7PM in both Tel Aviv (Beit Leivik) and in Jerusalem (at the Begin Center)
Reservations and details at (02) 565-2011.

*Free entrance is given to those with a ID card showing their address is within 40km of the Gaza Strip.

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