Education Unit

The Educational Department of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center is charged with the task of perpetuating Menachem Begin’s Jewish, Zionist and humanist heritage through pedagogical activities. The Center initiates and advances programs aimed to infuse a varied public with the principles and principles of the legacy that Begin exemplified throughout his life.

The four main areas of activity are:

Parliamentary Democracy

Israel as the Jewish State

Value-Driven Leadership

The Zionist Struggle to Establish the State of Israel

Following a tour through the museum, groups of youngsters who have previously coordinated their visit can participate in a guided discussion through a review of the texts of documentary sources related to the main themes of the heritage of Menachem Begin.

For the middle schools, we have created the Junior Knesset program. In this project, the personality of Menachem Begin is reflected as an outstanding parliamentarian and the purpose of the program is to have the students acquire knowledge of our governing parliamentarian values and even to encourage the students to appreciate the Knesset. Likewise, the program contributes to endowing the art of debate to the youth from all layers of the society. This program is carried out through simulated experiential sessions with parliamentary work

We offer tours such as the “In the Footsteps of Menachem Begin” tour in which people follow Menachem Begin in Jerusalem. It provides walking routes according to landmarks in the life of Begin combined with his heritage. Special lectures are also obtainable including a workshop for Bar/Bat Mitzva youngsters.

Additional programs are aimed at soldiers and police personnel in the area of “Israel – A Jewish and Democratic State”, “Leadership Synergy” and other workshop themes.

The Center has supported external organizations such as the "Hineni" program – an activist-leadership program for youth of the Ethiopian Jewish community - and Israel Debating Society (“Siah v’Sig”).

The Center provides research guidance for writing academic theses in history and aids students in other ways.

The Center is assisted by girls on National Service in coordination with the Education Ministry.

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