IGF Program

IGF Program

The Israel Government Fellows program is a unique 10-month leadership program, endorsed by the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel. Participants will work within the Israeli government system, attend seminars with some of the leading figures in Israeli political and public life, and meet other young Jewish leaders from around the world.

The heart of the IGF program is the internship experience in one of the three branches of Israel's government: executive, legislative or judicial. Fellows are placed in positions of genuine responsibility working with senior figures in the Israeli government establishment and will be placed in accordance with their skills and interests as well as with the manpower needs of the government.

Fellows will receive mentoring throughout their internship, both from their specific supervisors in their office, as well as from the program staff at the Begin Center.  Both will be working closely together with the Fellows, to ensure a fulfilling and rewarding internship experience.

Previous placements have included assisting the Spokesperson at the President's Office; working in the MASHAV department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; strategic planning for "Healthy Israel 2020" in the Ministry of Health; assisting and researching at the International Affairs Department of the Ministry of Finance; working at the foreign trade department of the Ministry of Trade, Labor and Industry and many more. 

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