Begin Prize

The Begin Center presents an annual prize to a person or organized body who accomplished an  extraordinary act or acts for the benefit of the State of Israel and/or the Jewish People.  Individuals, organizations and institutions  are invited to submit nominations to the Prize Committee.

Over the years, the Prize was awarded to numerous exceptional individuals and organizations such as:  Ilan Ramon, Israel's first astronaut who died in the Columbia disaster; Kaare Kristiansen, the Norwegian statesman who resigned from the Nobel Prize Committee when it awarded the Prize to Arafat; Rabbi Avraham Elimelech Firer, the remarkable founder of "Ezra L'Marpeh" an organization that has helped thousands in their medical treatment and ability to overcome illness; and many others.

Recommendations should be submitted in writing to our offices at email: or to fax: 02-5652010. Nominations will be accepted until September 10, 2009.

In addition, at the Prize Awarding Ceremony, scholarships and stipends in the framework of the 'PERACH' project are granted to exceptional tutors from the Aliza and Menachem Begin Nobel Peace prize Fund, established in 1978 with the money awarded to Mr. Begin by the Nobel Peace Prize Committee.

The Fund's aims include "the granting of scholarshipss, loans and assistance to needy students, giving aid and care to suffering children in order to assure their future and their standing in society" as fixed by Mr. Begin.

At the discretion of the Committee, in consultation with the Center's Executive, additional Awards of Honor have been granted.  Among those have been Artur Cohen, Hulda Gurevitz, Prof. Devora Lipstadt, Mordechai Ben-Porat, Ro'i Klein, Emmanuel Moreno, Prof. Yirmiyhau Branover and kidney transplant donor, Eric Swinn.

The Prize Committee

Moshe Nissim - Chairman
Yehiel Kadishai
Miriam Glazer-Taasa
Raya Yaglom
Dov Shilansky
Dr. Meir Rosenne

Previous Awardees


The IDF's Homefront Command's Emergency Search, Extraction and Rescue Unit was the first recipient for their work in Israel and abroad, especially following the earthquake in Turkey.


The "Or M'Ophir" Immigrant Military Academy, working to generate a leadership cadre from amongst immigrants from Ethiopia, received the Begin Prize for their integrated program based on military service and academic furtherance.


The Amana Settlement Organization, promoting Jewish residency throughout the Jewish national home regions was awarded the Begin Prize.  Almost 80 communities were established by Amana since 1978 in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, the Galil and Negev in an act of genuine Zionist vision accomplishment.

In this year of terror, three organizations involved in aiding terror victims and providing medical and social care were granted the award: Magen David Adom; ZAKA; and the Terror Victims Organization,.


Israel's first space pilot, Colonel Ilan Ramon, had been already selected prior to his unfortunate demise.  Having participated in the bombing raid on Iraq's nuclear facility - at the command of Menachem Begin in 1981 - his selection was but natural.  The Prize was given to his widow, Rona.


The Nefesh B'Nefesh organization, promoting immigration to Israel from North America and facilitating their absorption in the country, received this year's prize.


Rabbi Avraham Elimelech Firer, founder of "Ezra L'Marpeh" an organization that has helped thousands in their medical treatment and ability to overcome illness, was the recipient of the Prize.


The residents of Sderot, represented by Mayor Eli Moyal, were awarded the Prize for their firm standing in the face of six years of unceasing terror and rocket attacks from Gaza.  Their behavior serves as an oustanding example of the spirit of the Jewish People in the face of adversary in the process of the return of the Jewish People to its land and its holding on to its patrimony in Eretz-Yisrael.


The Pre-Military Yeshiva Bnai David at Eli was found worthy to receive the prize for education and preparing a generation of students steeped in faith and sacrifice on behalf of the People and the Land of Israel in a full and significant service in the IDF.  Two graduates of the Yeshiva who fell during the Second Lebanon War, Major Ro'i Klein of the Golani Brigade and Lt. Col. Yehuda Emmanuel Moreno of the Sayeret Matkal.


Professor Reuven Orr of the Hadassah University Hospital received the Prize for two major national medical projects he is responsible for: the stem cell and the umblical blood banks.

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