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The Center’s museum is an experiential, multimedia exhibit telling the story of one of the most important chapters in the history of the State of Israel through the life of Menachem Begin.  The museum takes visitors on a time-journey that includes historical reconstructions and reenactments, rare dramatic documentary videos, interactive touch-screen exhibits, striking presentations and a surround sound narration. Visitors are “invited” to experience firsthand and to “take part” in the different chapters of Begin’s life – his childhood in Poland, his years as the commander of the Irgun, the leader of the Opposition and finally, as Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

From the press:

“Eighty minutes marked by Love of Zion and a lesson in democracy.  A message that echoes with the willingness to risk one’s life in the anti-British underground as well refusing to raise a hand in a fratricidal clash – “never will be there any civil war”.  So much history and so much for current affairs.”

-  Dan Margalit, “Ma’ariv” newspaper


Pre-registration for Museum Visit is Obligatory

Hours of Opening *:

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday – 9:00-16:30

Tuesday 9:00-19:00

Friday and Holiday Eve 9:00-12:30

*   Hours may alter on eves of Holiday and during vacation periods

During the Succot Holiday, Sun.-Thurs., the Museum will be opn from 9-19:00.

The Museum commentary may be heard in Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic, French & Spanish

You may use the form in this section here:
or phone: 02-5652011

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